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Low-cost Automatic Identification System (AIS) dual channel receiver
Suitable for professional and leisure use

AI3000 is a low cost, high performance AIS receive only unit, that enables the reception of AIS information from suitably equipped vessels at a fraction of the cost of a conventional AIS transponder.

The AI3000 installation is quick and simple, requiring only the connection to a VHF aerial and computer (PC). With the optional viewer program you can display any AIS equipped vessel within VHF range. Information transmitted from vessels fitted with AIS Transponders include name, call sign, position, heading, speed, destination, type and size of vessel. Alternativly a suitable chart system such as seaPro can be used to display the vessel data.

The AI3000 is compatible with any chart/ECDIS system capable of accepting standard NMEA 183 AIS sentences, such as seaPro standard or above.

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Key features   Download AI3000 manual (pdf 150k)
Low-cost anti-collision / monitoring system
Receives positions and other data from AIS equipped vessels within VHF range
Optional PC viewer program with backdrop chart.
Input for NMEA 183 GPS
Compatible with the seaPro professional and leisure range of software, for full charting, navigation and AIS capability.
Industry standard NMEA 183/IEC61162-2 output format for compatibility
Supports both class A and B messages
Simple connection and setup
AIS was designed to fulfil a need for vessels to know the position, details and navigational intentions of other vessels within VHF range for improved safety and collision avoidance.

Most commercial vessels are required to fit AIS transponders by December 2004. The transponders use VHF frequencies to transmit details of their own vessel and receive details from other vessels within VHF range.

Euronav’s AI3000 is a low cost receive-only AIS unit that enables the signals transmitted from commercial Class A transponders to be received so that their positions can be plotted and shown graphically on the AIS viewer or compatible chart plotting systems.

Rear view
Information that can be received includes:
  • Name of vessel
  • Call sign
  • Type of vessel
  • Destination
  • Speed (SOG)
  • Course (COG)
  • Heading
  • Position
  • Navigational status
  • Rate of turn
  • Vessel dimensions
  • MMSI number

The optional AIS viewer program provides a world chart backdrop. Targets are displayed on the chart with a tag showing vessel details. Clicking on the target brings up further information. Targets can also be viewed in a list display.

Typical uses include

Collision avoidance - monitor approaching AIS equipped vessels, including those hidden from radar or visual view. Combine with the optional seaPro navigation products to give advanced warning of potential collisions, CPA etc.

Monitoring vessels - ideal for companies who have AIS equipped vessels and want to monitor them from land. When combined with seaPro software, the output from the transponder can be monitored remotely to check on a vessel progress. Data can be networked to provide broader geographic coverage.
Small port/harbour monitoring of AIS vessels where a full AIS transponder is not cost justified
Extend monitoring range for larger harbours and ports where multiple systems can be linked via a network or internet.
Share vessel tracking information - using ARPA or other low cost transponder technology, re-transmit as AIS targets to the harbour fleet fitted with AI3000.
System transponder monitoring - monitor the output from own vessel/base station transponder to check for correct operation.
Remote Traffic monitoring - monitor vessels transiting remote areas and check on legality of transit, compliance with speed regulations etc. Low cost alternative to radar monitoring.
Technical Description

The AI3000 is a compact dual channel synthesized VHF receiver designed to receive and decode transmissions from vessels fitted with both Class 'A' Class 'B' AIS transceivers.

Power supply range : 9 - 30 Volts DC
(Suitable for boat 12 or 24v systems)
Power consumption : 400mW

Baud rate : 38.4KB
Format : NMEA 0183
Output message : VDM

Frequency :
AIS 1 161.975 MHz, AIS 2 162.025 MHz
Channel spacing : 25KHz
Sensitivity : -112dBm
Demodulation : GMSK
Data Rate : 9600
Antenna Impedance : 50 ohms

Length: 140mm, Width: 120mm, Height: 50mm
Weight : 600g
Mounting : Trunnion bracket
Connectors : Antenna BNC
Output port: 9 pin D socket
Power: 2 pole plug

PC viewer program

Improved safety & collision avoidance

One of the great dangers to vessels at sea is not knowing the position, details or intentions of other vessels. New regulations for commercial craft to fit AIS transponders will be a significant step forward.

AIS enables vessels fitted with an AIS transponder or receiver to be aware of each other and display their position and other details. When combined with a chart system the intentions of larger vessels required to fit AIS transponders is clear enabling smaller craft to alter their intended track well in advance so as to avoid potential conflict, especially in confined waters.

In addition vessels such as fishing vessels or military craft wanting to see other vessels but not be seen themselves is facilitated by the AI3000.

Communicate with AIS equipped vessels - You might see larger vessels on radar, but they cannot always see you. AIS targets are identified, by MMSI number, name and radio call sign. With this knowledge you can call on VHF radio to resolve a collision situation or to remind the watch of your presence.

AI3000 AIS receiver pack includes
  • AI3000 AIS receiver with mounting bracket
  • Data cable to connect to PC

Note: A separate standard marine VHF antenna and cable is required

Advanced applications
Multiple AI3000 units can be networked to form broad geographical coverage using the internet with the use of additional seaPro software - the AIS data can be distributed to multiple users - please call for further information


Euronav seaPro navigational software with AIS

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