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Patrol and Enforcement System - protecting your resources

A powerful navigation system, which provides logging and reporting functions for enforcement and similar operations. The seaPro Patrol & Enforcement System offers worldwide functionality through use of the following high quality raster and vector electronic charting formats: Livechart B’ - ARCS - BSB – Seafarer and S57.

Euronav has developed the Patrol & Enforcement System after working closely with several government departments.

As well as providing sophisticated navigation functions using official hydrographic charts, the system allows patrol units to easily log vessel sightings and to record boardings, offences etc. which may have been committed by sighted vessels.

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Key features - The system is ideal for use in fisheries and other resource management/protection schemes
All the features of seaPro plus or optionally seaPro professional
Options available to interface across LAN or internet
Easy to use at sea
Can interface to AIS for easy vessel identification of suitably equipped vessels or ARPA radar
Logging of previous encountered vessel, their previous history, prosecution etc
Flexible easy to use database system
Simple text enquiry system, non-need to learn database query languages and graphical display of results on chart
Uses a standard database format so sophisticated data extraction can be done later at base by technical staff.
Can act as navigation system or form part of a ship wide navigation and tactical system.
Recording sightings/events

Recording a vessel sighting is accomplished easily and simply with a single mouse-click on the chart (this could be over an ARPA radar target shown on the screen, an AIS target. or a measurement bearing


Logged data is stored in an internal database which may be sorted, filtered and queried at will by on-board officers; the data files may also be forwarded to shore based facilities where they may be amalgamated with files collected by other vessels.

In this way, an enforcement agency can have access to details of all sightings made by all their seagoing assets. These data may then be manipulated within the system, or exported for analysis and display in statistical or reporting software, either for general reporting or in a forensic context.

Possible application areas of the system include:

Costal patrols and home land security
Fishery protection operations ~ Customs & Excise operations
Coastguard operations ~ Environmental research
Surveying – Oil, gas & minerals ~ Offshore guard & safety support
Immigration control


For further information or on how seaPro patrol can be adapted for your own application please call sales.














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