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Optimize your fishing potential

This system is a must for all fishing boats, allowing you to optimize fishing by recording data on catches and best fishing grounds. Historical information including past tracks and activities can be viewed at the same time as the 'live' data.

Easy to use, seaPro Fishing provides a dedicated toolbar to provide access to the most used functions such as dropping marks and recording depth soundings to enhance your charts.

All data recorded is kept in an open format, unlike competitive systems, so it can be backed up and used in other applications. Allowing you to maximize the benefit of your data.

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Key features
Fishing toolbar Easy to use toolbar provides access to all the major fishing functions. This offers clear large buttons which makes using seaPro Fishing simple and effective, even in the toughest conditions.
Comprehensive logs Data logging for fishing data including depth
values and navigation data (position, speed, heading, depth, water temperature etc.). Can also drop position markers to mark particular
locations or fixes (over 256 different symbols plus different colors are provided). Ability to add text notes for catch information etc.
Wake trail log facility, for a clutter free log display
Chart overlays Multiple overlays and databases to be displayed simultaneously over charts
Overzoom - This feature allows the user to zoom into a chart beyond the normal viewing level ((ideal for wrecks etc))
Blank chart sheets - for very large scale mapping - takes over when commercial charts are not high enough resolution. This is ideal for trawling, wreck fishing and surveys
Multiple chart formats - supports both vector and raster chart formats including Livechart, S57, ARCS and BSB. Can display different chart formats simultaneously if required
With 3D option, vector charts can be viewed in full 3D
Multiple chart windows - allows one or more chart windows so you can have an overview and detail plotting at the same time
Ground discrimination and bottom mapping - Get a 3D view of the seabed ground type by interfacing the highly acclaimed Seascan ground discrimination unit.

This takes the depth sounders signal strength readings to provide an indication of the bottom material (e.g. sand, rock etc). and displays in color over the chart). Requires additional hardware from seascan
seaPro fishing is suitable for vessels from about from 10m up to full ocean going vessels. The product is not just used in the fishing industry but finds uses diving, wreck hunting and para-military applications.

Top 10 Frequently asked questions

PC requirements

Download a demo

Download a brochure

Weather overlays Can display weather conditions by downloading weather GRIB files (available on the Internet and easily downloaded) including wind speed and direction, wave heights, pressure etc. Typical download files give 3 - 5 day forecasts. Some data is free other is charged for.
ARPA Radar overlay,
The system will interface with radar which has NMEA output and plot other vessels positions and their projected positions on your charts

AIS -option - Automatic identification System interface. Provides confidence that you can be seen by large vessels when fishing in busy
areas or see approaching large vessels fitted with AIS transponders

Multiple color plotting User defined colours can be used to show depth, sea temperature and the seabed type in specified colors.

Download the demo or request a demo CD to fully appreciate how navigating with seaPro can make your time at sea easier and safer.
A cheaper and more efficient way to display Navtex information. Simply purchase a low cost Navtex antenna, then weather and safety information can be directly received and displayed in seaPro.  


AIS- Automatic Identification System
Interface to an AIS transponder to allow the positions of other vesels to be plotted on the chart

World wide tidal heights database
Adds a world wide database for most of the worlds primary and secondary ports














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